Driving & Online Education

An evolving environment.

We live in exciting times, and technology has thrust the world to new heights. Autonomous vehicles are making their way onto our roads, and the automotive industry is advancing faster than any other consumer market. 

This means that our driving education process, laws, and safety standards will need to advance simultaneously. In order to create a better and safer Highway-Transportation-System, we will need more data, analysis capabilities, and accountability features, built into the driver education process.

With this in mind, we developed Drive by Veeve©. By utilizing cutting edge media, social-community features, and extensive analytics/tracking systems, we have developed an Online Driver Education program that is current and relevant with today’s world of technology. The Veeve Network© also promotes the growth of local businesses while increasing student driver accountability and opening new revenue streams for the in network business.

The Veeve Network© was developed to offer newer and safer technologies to local driving schools while empowering them through online sales. Veeve© is currently seeking driving schools to join The Veeve Network©. 

What's included with Drive by Veeve©?

Everything you need to succeed!


The Drive by Veeve© program can be accessed through your website or downloaded from the iOS and Android store as a mobile application branded to your liking.

Advanced Medias

Our courses include cutting-edge medias, including animations, 3D, VR, audio-recordings / voice-overs, infographics, and more!

Give your students the edge they need with visual, auditory, and sensory learning.

Web Systems

Our systems integrate across all platforms and web access points. Allowing for scheduling, online learning, and real world learning to integrate seamlessly.

Social Community

Drive by Veeve© consists of a built-in social network that integrates with existing social medias and allows students to befriend one another, converse, post, follow, and more.


The Veeve Network© promotes growth for all of it's participants through In-Network-Referral-Systems, automated advertising networks, and private advertising capabilities.
Sounds good, right?

If you have an interest in joining the Veeve Network© - Contact us below!

    People using our technology say...

    Really good stuff!

    Texas Driving School - 2018
    Veeve did a phenomenal job for us. We licensed their online LMS system and hired them to develop our course materials for online driving education. They worked with us throughout the entire process.


    Texas Driving School - 2018
    Online Influencer
    The team at Veeve was critical in monetizing my online following. While I was able to monetize through advertising, the launch of my online courses and web applications really were a game changer.


    Online Influencer
    Pilot & Engineer
    Veeve partnered with us to develop online learning programs for aspiring pilots and R/C drone hobbyists. Together we built an out of this world - online - pilot training course.


    Pilot & Engineer