Our technology is making the world safer through the advancement of:

Online Learning & Driver Education Systems

Our systems allow for Driving Instructors and Students to interact from anywhere. By utilizing our network of driving schools, and students, we are able to continually improve upon our educational processes. Our networks and applications also allow students to interact with one another in a way that was previously impossible offline. Our courses offer students features that allow them to converse with one another, offer assistance, and seek help when needed. Our incredibly special Veeve network connects these schools and students while promoting positive growth and promotion. These technologies are making the roadways a safer place, and allowing people to learn in a more controlled, high quality, and efficient manner. 

Veeve makes life easy for businesses, instructors, students, and everyone in-between.

If you own or work with a driving school that would like to use our technologies and benefit from the Veeve network, apply below. We are only accepting 5-10 applications from each state.

Our current focus and available opportunities are centered around the Parent Taught teen Driver Education Programs. With less than 50 of these programs approved for sale in the State of Texas, we want to make the product easily accessible to a select few driving schools, first in Texas, and then the following 49 states.

We also believe the Parent Taught programs are going to evolve into the mainstream Driver Education source. As cars continue to improve with technologies and autonomous driving, we believe the process of learning to drive is going to become more and more simple.

Parent Taught Driver Education is the ideal program for all states to evolve into the proper format for the future of driving.

Hands on Research

We have researched the industry thoroughly and have come to believe it is the golden hour for this industry. This is why we only want to partner with a select few driving schools in this endeavor.

Dediacted to Your Success

The Veeve network supports growth for the few driving schools within it's boundaries. All Veeve oriented business will be sent to these driving schools alone. This includes insurance, and other 3rd party integrations. (Ex: Car Insurance Discounts)

Better Experience

We built our courses using the latest in media technologies to ensure our content is more interactive and learnable than past education methods. Our UX and UI is state of the art, ensuring that students receive the highest quality education.
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For 15 years, I searched for a purchasable system that I could use to provide my customers with online or at home Parent Taught Education. Veeve offered me this and more. We now look forward to clients from around the nation and extra promotions for our behind the wheel instruction services. Veeve is a win, win situation for us.

Richard R.

Owner - Veeve Driving School - Node 1