What Is Veeve?

Education Reimagined

The Veeve© Platform

Veeve© was developed as an online learning tool and web application known as an LMS (Learning Management System). This application allows both students and instructors to create, interact, and partake in education with an entirely new perspective. Our system integrates community and social technologies to connect students with their peers and mentors. It utilizes technologies like GPS and cloud storage to create growth and to connect customers to business. The data analytics and tracking systems we are currently implementing in the driving education industry will lead to vast amounts of data and information that will be used to make the HTS (Highway Transportation System) a much safer place. We also use these technologies in other industries to help improve the educational quality throughout the world.

Hands on Research

Our systems collect information in a secure and private fashion, that allows us to utilize it productively.

Dedicated to Your Success

Our system creates a network between business and customer bases in order to stimulate growth.

Official Certifications

Our applications comply with various government and benchmark associations that allows for digital certifications and approvals.

Classic Experience

The classic experience of teaching can still be experienced through online video connections and modern digital media.


Our program makes the learning process more efficient and effective for both students and instructors alike.

Flexible Learning Options

Our application and programs can be custom tailored to fit industry specific requirements. Whether it means social, promotional, or statistical features.
The Perfect Solution

Why Choose Drive by Veeve©?

The world is changing at an incredibly fast pace and the technologies around us are only becoming more and more phenomenal. This is certainly the case with the automotive industry, as we start to see self-driving-cars and numerous other breakthrough features.

The truth is, cars are becoming easier and safer, after all, they are literally starting to drive themselves! We see this and realize that the future of driving education is online and through digital learning systems. This is both incredibly fascinating and concerning! Digital and social trends make it clear to us that as cars become safer, people will invest less time and money into their driving education. The obvious alternative is online education systems. 

As of right now, we believe that students do not receive the same quality of education when learning to drive online as when compared to at a local driving school. The Drive by Veeve© program is merging the gap between these two education styles. By using mobile applications with GPS tracking, database analytics, and modernized learning systems, we are making the process easier for students, while also holding them accountable.

We want to ensure that students are receiving the training they need to become responsible and safe drivers. Even when they are learning from their living room sofa! We also want to keep driving schools and businesses involved with the process. 

This is why we designed The Veeve Network©© to be a decentralized version of online driver education. Local driving schools actually own their materials and benefit entirely from every sale. The network was created to make driving schools stronger, together. We are building a network of influential driving schools that will become integral in shaping the future of driver education.