Influencer Monetization

Our technology Allows Anyone to Teach AND profit.

Online Learning & Influencer Monetization

The concept of Veeve was sparked with influencers specifically in mind. We noticed social media and digital influencers were not capable of fully monetizing their brands. They were locked in by various sponsors, and advertising streams such as Google AdSense. All of these influencers focus on a specific topic such as fitness, health, hobby, sports, education, art, etc.

They have the ability to monetize their following by creating exclusive online content. We suggest articulating their specific topic into a learnable and teachable format. This content can be released to fans through individual course / product sales or by subscription. Built in financing is even included for your clients looking to make the most of their money!

We want to help a select few online influencers further monetize their brand, reach, and profits. If you think you or your client is the right fit, apply below!

Our platform is designed to help influencers and those with digital followings to monetize their brand in a much more efficient manner than past methods. 

We help influencers create digital content in the form of an online learning system or a subscription based digital content platform.

Both allow influencers to release exclusive content on their very own platform that allows them entire control over their brand, business, products, and marketing campaigns.

As of right now, most influencers put the power of their brand in the hands of Google Adsense, and other monetization streams that actively maintain their control over your audience and turnover.

Veeve puts the power of your brand and following in your own hands. Take your brand back with Veeve and start monetizing your hard work efficiently, and productively.

Hands on Research

We have researched the industry thoroughly and have come to believe it is the golden hour for this industry. This is why we only want to partner with a select few influencers in this endeavor.

Dediacted to Your Success

The Veeve network supports growth for the few influencers within it's boundaries. Veeve does not take a single cent of your profits, EVER! It's your business, you should run it your way! Veeve allows you to do just that. No small print, no profit splits, no ties, period.

Better Experience

We build your courses and content using the latest in media technologies to ensure that your clients experience an interactive, enjoyable, affordable, and quality product. We are changing the way the world learns, and we want you to be a part of it!
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For 15 years, I searched for a purchasable system that I could use to provide my customers with online or at home Parent Taught Education. Veeve offered me this and more. We now look forward to clients from around the nation and extra promotions for our behind the wheel instruction services. Veeve is a win, win situation for us.

Richard R.

Owner - Veeve Driving School - Node 1