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Drive by Veeve© is a TDLR approved, Texas – Online Parent Taught – Driver Education Course, that has been developed with the purpose of white labeling for local driving schools. Meaning that when a school purchases the Drive by Veeve© program, they get a new website, online portal, payment systems, and much more.

Drive by Veeve© utilizes existing local driving schools to create a network of non-competing, Texas-based driving schools. This allows the handful of Texas-based Veeve-Network-Driving-Schools to offer online education and to also re-direct customers to partner schools when it is beneficial for both. An example being when the student purchased an online course from a school in Houston but requires behind the wheel training or testing services in San Antonio. In this scenario, the Veeve-Network-Driving-School in Houston would transfer the student to it’s fellow network member in San Antonio.

By purchasing the Drive by Veeve© program, your school will not only open a new avenue of online business and sales but will also reap the benefits made possible through The Veeve Network©.

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Modern & Relevant

With autonomous vehicles and other safety advances, the driving education process will naturally move online.

Transition Online

Sell online, educate online, and open up new income streams that will help to modernize and enhance your business.

Clientelle Expansion

Offer your services to the entire state of Texas without losing a drop of your existing business!

Data & Analytics

Track all of your online business and utilize automated reports to improve sales and course quality.

BIG Savings

We save our clients an average of $1,000 per month through their existing local business with CC processing.

Network Benefits

The Veeve Network© utilizes referral systems, affiliate programs, and network advertising to generate income.

Affiliates & Referrals

Veeve only licenses to one driving school per major city. We do not accept applications from schools in direct local-competition with in-network schools and actively seek new applicants that will promote growth throughout the entire network.

The Veeve Network© utilizes these partner schools in order to refer customers to in-network schools when it is beneficial for both parties. For instance, if 'ABC Driving School - San Antonio ' sells an online course to a customer living in Houston, that customer can be easily referred to an in-network school that is based in Houston. These referrals will most commonly be related to in-person services like certifications, testing, and behind-the-wheel training.

The Veeve Network© Advertising

Our programs allow you to easily advertise for your own partners and affiliates, but also includes an automated ad-network. Veeve partners with various insurance agencies, local dealerships, and banks that are interested in advertising to Texas Drivers. 50% of the automated ad revenues generated on your website and mobile applications go you!

This advertising network is beneficial to everyone involved. It increases our advertising reach, and makes the platform an extremely desirable place for advertisers. Together we are stronger, and if we use it to our advantage, everybody wins! The Veeve Network© promotes growth everywhere possible!

Software & Course Material Updates

When a driving school purchases Drive by Veeve© they own the materials and the course is registered through TDLR under their business name. This purchase also includes 1-3 years of support and access to The Veeve Network©.

An active license for The Veeve Network© consists of: Live customer support, software and application patches/updates, Texas Driver Education Course material updates, and access to all online features. It also offers you the benefits involved with the network: Student Transfer Programs and Automated Advertising Streams.
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Affordable & Profitable

Pricing & Financing Options

The Drive by Veeve© program is designed to empower local driving schools in every way possible. When a program is sold, it is re-branded and tailored to the client’s specific needs. It is then registered through TDLR and our clients actually own their courses and materials.

We have also structured the program in a fashion that makes it almost impossible to fail. Veeve has partnered with local banks as preferred lenders to ensure our clients receive fair and affordable financing plans. With this pricing structure, our clients have quick and easy access to the technology they need.

Furthermore, we offer specialized Credit Card Processing through our educational platform that allows for our Network Schools to save BIG through their existing business. These savings are created from through pre-existing month to month credit card transactions and almost always outweigh the cost of the Drive by Veeve© program. So, not only do you get to break into the new and growing online market, remain relevant, and expand your customer base. You can also sleep easy, knowing that the product has already been paid for through your NEW savings and sales!

The Veeve Network© provides numerous benefits and features to its members.  Every single Drive by Veeve© Program sold comes with a 1-3 year network license and membership. Active network members will receive live customer support, software and application patches/updates, and State mandated course updates when required. Members of the Veeve Network© also benefit from other schools in the network through referral and student transfer programs.

Lastly, the network offers a targeted and automated advertising platform that generates further income. The Veeve Network© of schools creates a phenomenal advertising space for local insurance agencies, dealerships, and other automotive businesses. 50% of all automated-advertising income is automatically deposited into your account!

Drive by Veeve©

Texas - Online Parent Taught Driver Education
Starting at: $2,999 Pricing & percentages will vary. Call us to learn more!
  • Sales Percentages starting at 75% - You keep the most!
  • ONLY $2,999$ per year after the first 365 days!
  • Complete Online Update - Website, social, advertising, etc.
  • Online Portal - LMS (Including PT Driver Education Materials)
  • Social Community & Interactive Learning Features
  • Animations, Videos, Graphics, and Audio Voice-Overs
  • Online and Local Credit Card Processing
  • Data Tracking and Analytics Tools with Advanced Reporting

Application V2.1

Custom Tailored to your brand.
Easy, Safe, and Efficient

Financing & Credit Card Processing

Veeve© offers financing opportunities to all of our clients in order to alleviate the burdens of business expenses. Our preferred lenders are standing by and ready to assist your business in acquiring the Drive by Veeve© platform. We encourage our clients to shop rates and check with their own banking institutions in order to find the best solution.

We also provide Credit Card Processing solutions through preferred processors that commonly result in savings of over $1000 per month. These savings are created through your existing business and credit card transactions. By utilizing our educational platform, Veeve© is capable of offering incredibly low rates and chances are that Veeve© will save you far more than it will cost you, even in the first month! When we register new in-network clients we do everything we can to ensure that they will be save more than they spend. We have even had clients that saved close to $10,000 per month by switching to Veeve credit card processing.

12 & 36 Month Financing Available

CC Processing - SAVINGS

Veeve© can typically save its clients around $1,000 per month. By utilizing strategic partnerships and our educational platform we are able to offer processing rates that are far below the industry standard. You can apply for CC processing below.